To let our dreams come true we turned our backs to the ideals of society and started our search for freedom, infinite happiness and a deeper meaning in our lives. We left our old life behind us and started our journey on opposite sides of the world. Only after a few years our paths finally crossed. Paths we never thought to go before, paths that brought us together through all the influences of every country, culture and the people we’ve met along the way.

Us, that is Daniel and Romina, a Dutch-German backpacker couple.


It quickly became clear that we both strive for the same dream in life: a free life that allows us to live and work anywhere we want. We don’t need much to live and with all those years our phones became the most important belongings for us. It gives us a connection to our loved ones at home, keeps us in touch with society and it reminds us on all those memorable moments from the last trip. Our phones give us access to online banking and documents, but most importantly, it lets us book a flight to the next destination. 
On our path, we stumbled across the smartphone cord and with it, the freedom to let go. Our phone is now always with us, we never have to search for it anymore, we never get afraid to lose it or get scared that it gets stolen.
Our mission was born; sharing this freedom with you. 
Enjoy life care free to use all those limitless possibilities that are waiting for you.