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COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 and JUST IN CASE

JUST IN CASE remains committed to our customers and employees while staying flexible and responsive to the changes taking place across our country. As conditions change, we recognize that our customers and their orders may be affected. Our Customer Support team is here to help through email and chat 7 days a weekSee our support page for help.

Covid-19 FAQ

What about the JUST IN CASE team?

All of our employees are working from home to limit their exposure and the company is committed to supporting them with sick leave if needed. We are also operating on a flexible basis as our staff deals with childcare needs for themselves or in support of other family members who are first responders or frontline medical staff. We are monitoring the situation closely and will adjust as needed.  

Will my order be delayed?

We are seeing only limited impacts at the moment. All of the major shipping carriers are operating as normal although many are seeing higher package volumes due to consumers relying more heavily on online orders. This may affect some delivery areas more than others. In addition, some orders may be delayed due to reduced warehouse staff. We monitor all orders for shipping compliance and will address any delays as we find them.

Why was my order cancelled? Why was my exchange refunded?

A small number of our suppliers are under “Shelter in Place” restrictions and have closed their warehouses. While we remove any impacted products as quickly as possible, due to the rapidly changing environment some orders may be placed before we can do this. These orders will be cancelled and any outstanding replacement orders refunded rather than shipped.

What about my return or customer support request?

Some of our suppliers may take longer than usual to respond to requests regarding defective products or product questions. In addition, some returned items may not be received at closed warehouses. Our Customer Support team will address these problems as they arise.

If a customer is under “Shelter in Place” restrictions and needs to return a product, we will be flexible with our return policy. Please contact us.

Why is product X no longer available?

Some of our suppliers are under “Shelter in Place” restrictions and have closed their warehouses. Customers can email us for a Back in Stock notification and will receive an email when the warehouse re-opens and the item becomes available.

Why don't you have masks, sanitizer, gloves, etc.? 

We have received offers for these types of products, but have chosen not to offer them for several reasons. First, many of the offers are as much as 10x or more the price prior to the virus. This type of profiteering is illegal in many states during an emergency, but is certainly inconsistent with our values as a company. Second, in harder hit areas many medical facilities and first responders are running out of equipment. We believe these products should be available to the medical community first. Lastly, while we have received some genuine products, many of the items presented are cheaply made and even fraudulent. For example, a paper surgical style mask made overseas and listed as an N95 mask. (An N95 mask requires a form fitting seal to the face to function and can never be a surgical style.)

Buyer Protection

We prioritize customer satisfaction with our 30-day money back guarantee. Get in touch by email if there is anything we can do for you!

Fast Worldwide Shipping

We have multiple warehouses around the world so there is always 1 close to you. Avarage shipping time worldwide is 7-10 days.


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