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Customer Questions & Answers

Is Aerial Yoga Safe?
All sports carry some form of risk. Aerial yoga is an incredibly safe sport. However, if you’ve recently had surgery on your hips, knees, ankles or back then you should consult with your doctor before using a yoga swing.

What are measures for arms with handlers? Is it possible to change the length of the handle?
The longest one has fixed length around 49'', the middle one is 30'' and the smallest one - around 9,5''. All three are connected to the carabiner on the top.

How can I wash the hammock? Are there any special instructions?
We do recommend a hand wash to keep the integrity of the fabric. However, it can be washed in a washing machine. Before the start, you need to remove all the carabiners. We do not recommend washing several fabrics at the same time and add any fabric softener or other additional cleaning agents. Use cold water, a liquid detergent, and a gentle wash cycle.

How big are these foam handles? I have a small hand - will it be comfortable to use for me?
The size of all 6 handles is the same - 4.92''x1.3'' (12,5x3,3 cm). The basic of the handle is made of durable plastic. It is covered with foam, which is pleasantly soft and practical. Kids are using the same handles so it’s suitable for everyone :) 

How wide should I install ceiling bolts for yoga hammock to fit my needs?
It is usually recommended to keep distance between the ropes (or the hooks) around 2-2,6 ft. But you can also find your individual perfect distance in a next way:
1) Spread your hands to make 90 degrees between your hands and your sides.
2) Bend your arms at the elbow under 90 degrees, palms up.
3) The distance between your palms or elbows will be what you are looking for.

Is it safe to use it as a usual swing for my kid - he is 7 years old?
Kids usually love this yoga swing - it is so much fun for them. But it is also critical that Yoga Hammock is safely hung to avoid accidents. We also recommend that using the swing, your kid should hold tight and stay aware of surroundings all the time. 

Is it possible to get only extension straps? Do you sell it without a hammock?
Unfortunately, currently we do not sell have extension straps or ceiling mounts separately because we ran out of stock so we are waiting on the next shipment.

Can pregnant women use yoga hammocks?
Pregnant women should not use a yoga swing or other aerial apparatus. However, many women who are experienced aerialists who become pregnant often continue practicing with modified versions of poses.

I have a health condition, can I try aerial yoga?
You should exercise extreme caution if you have osteoporosis, glaucoma, high blood pressure, low blood pressure or any neurological conditions. Please check with a medical professional as aerial yoga may not be safe for you, but your doctor could recommend another form of exercise or some modified versions of aerial yoga positions. Always consult a doctor before starting a new fitness regime.

Can Heavy People Use Yoga Swings?
No fat-shaming here! Most apparatus and equipment used for aerial yoga is generally tested with a maximum weight of 330lbs (150kg). If the equipment is used correctly then aerial yoga apparatus, rigging and hammocks/swings are safe to use at home or in a commercial setting.

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