Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press
Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press

Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press

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“I don't like to mince garlic because my hands smell like garlic for days”
If this sounds like you, you are at the right place!

To infuse the taste of garlic into your dishes, you need to finely dice or mince cloves. This innovative Garlic Press is the perfect tool for mincing garlic for incredible flavor in every dish you prepare. Easier to use than typical presses, this handheld variety gives you better leverage for an easier, more comfortable movement.

This modern stainless steel garlic press turns a messy task into effortless mincing. With a slight back and forth rocking motion, easily mince garlic, ginger and onion
in half the time! Minced pushes through the perforations so you can easily use a spoon to get the tiniest pieces on your plate!

This professional grade unique design does not crush your garlic, but micro cuts it to preserve the aromatic oils of the garlic.

  • Highly durable
  • Made of finest food grade materials.
  • Uses the natural motion of your hand to mince garlic

  • Ideal for people who have problems using conventional presses
  • Good grip: The solid handle is comfortable to use and protects your fingers
  • Garlic does not get crushed, but micro cut, to preserve the aromatic oils of the garlic

  • No need to handle the raw garlic and get smelly hands
  • Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe
  • Item Weight 3.5oz / 100gr

Perfect for any Home Chef!

With a slight back and forth rocking motion, easily crush or mince garlic, ginger, and onion in half the time!

The comfortable handle design makes it easier and faster to mince garlic, even for people with a weak grip or small hands. You won't have the smell of garlic on your hands and it’s very simply done. Rock back and forth slightly, and easily mince garlic, ginger, and onions in less time!


Simply place your clove (or cloves) underneath the carefully placed series of holes, and rock the Stainless Steel Garlic Press back and forth. You'll end up crushing your garlic, all without having to touch it.

The ergonomic handle allows for comfort and ease of use. No chamber or blades means it's incredibly easy to use, clean and dry. Simply rinse to remove any skins and residue and you're done! No more blades and knives, protect your fingers from cuts. This Garlic Press will certainly impress you with its ease of use.

Pro tip →  Also works great for mincing ginger & onion!

Features & Benefits

  • High quality 304 stainless steel material
  • The modern stainless steel garlic rocker turns a messy task into effortless mincing
  • Minced garlic pushes through perforations
  • This garlic press eliminates garlic odors from hands
Note: Due to extreme high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Customer Questions & Answers

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Yes! Our charger works flawlessly with cases up to 5 mm.

Does it really charge all 3 devices at the same time?
Yes! Depending on your power source (it has to be a wallplug, not a laptop/power bank) , it does charge all three devices at the same time.

My charger doesn’t work, what now?
No worries! Just send us an email at and we will take care of it.

I see LED’s how bright are they?
There are 3 LED’s that will indicate the 3 different charging spots. Brightness can be compared to the charging lights of a power bank or other electrical devices. 

Is this Qi-certified?
Yes, it is.

Why is there no  USB wall plug included?
Everyone with a phone already has a wall plug, so we decided not to charge you extra for another one. 

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USB-A → USB-C, USB-C goes into the charger.

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Our multifunctional wireless charger is ready to use as it is! To enjoy full power speed charging it needs to be used with an 18w adapter (not included in the package). 

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Our charger is compatible with cases up to 5mm. Metal cases are not recommended as they reflect too much energy back to the charger.

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The watch charger is built-in

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Material: Rubber Coated TPUc
Input Power: 18W (9V/2A)
Output Power Apple watch: 3W
Output Power Airpods: 5W
Output Power iPhone: 5W / 7.5W / 10W
Connector Type: USB Type C
Size(cm): 11.3(L) x 7.2(W) x 13.2(H)
Product Weight(g): 220
Quality Certification: RoHS, CE and FCC